European Business Analysis Day 17.05.2019


The European Business Analysis Day is an annual conference on Business Analysis, Project Management and Requirements Engineering dealing with both, business and (information) technology matters. Leading experts, managers, decision makers and HR people from Europe and beyond are exchanging knowledge and practices in an informal atmosphere, perfectly located close to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Successfully kicked off in 2018 with over 120 participants, this conference is now developing further…be a part of it!

The Digital Change – Everything Remains Different 

Undoubtedly, the Digital Transformation is the No. 1 mega trend of the second decade, hundreds of articles, books and conferences deal with the challenges of the so-called digital age. One of the first questions with regards to a “Change” is how long is it going to take? When will the change be completed? How will the future after the change look like? Perhaps this “Digital Change” does not have the exaggerated impact many people think. Neither in a positive nor in a negative way. Everything Remains Different – a play on words in our conference motto which perfectly reflects that many things will stay as they are, independent from being analogue or digital while other things change dramatically, in a very fast and disruptive way. If it comes to social systems, i.e., human interrelationships, the digitalization does probably have a high, very sustainable impact. We will cover the following three topics in parallel tracks: Scaling Agile, Humanizing Customer Experience and Changing Organizations.

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