European Business Analysis Day 24.9.2021

Goodbye Corona, that’s what we all want to say! We have been patient and are now confident that the 3rd European Business Analysis Day can safely take place by end of September 2021, as usual live and on-site with real people! We had to adapt the program with respect to hygienic rules and the availability of speakers and now proudly present the new agenda and schedule. Besides the great and well-known keynotes we could as well win Delvin Fletcher, CEO of the IIBA, see the Spotlight Session below! Looking forward to meeting you in Frankfurt!

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Motto 2021

Closing the Gaps with Business Analysis

After the first two conferences in Frankfurt, the European Business Analysis Day, aka BA-DAY, is definitely established in central Europe as meeting hot spot for the English-speaking Business Analysis community. We have two keynotes and three track themes, all following the motto “Closing the Gaps with Business Analysis”. Companies might have gaps in their portfolios, artificial intelligence helps to identify and fill gaps in marketing and customer service and reducing communication gaps among different stakeholder groups is for sure a key success factor in all kinds of projects and initiatives. Join the 3rd BA-DAY to get in touch with the experts in a casual, open-minded atmosphere.

KEYNOTES originally planned for 2020

Sudan Jackson – The importance of Human-Human interfaces in the Digital Age

Sudan Jackson has been working in REWE Digital’s technology division since 2016, where he is responsible for cultural and organisational development: “We need human environments that enable us to be collaborative and thus help us find creative, customer-centric approaches. We must understand what our customers need, and especially where and when they need it. And then do exactly that. And we must do this over following trends”. In this opening keynote, Sudan Jackson will explain how these topics are dealt with by REWE Digital: “We are a digital company, but our work is done through human interactions. It’s about how we are using the real world and human nature to organise the right environment to create and consistently improve the use of technology”.


Patricia Salgado – Beyond the numbers! How to use anthropology for a deeper business understanding

Patricia Salgado is project director of The Walker Research Company with more than 10 years of experience working in digital marketing in digital agencies as OMD, Nurun or Flat101 among others, doing analysis for McDonalds, Dockers, Levi´s, Monster, Desigual…
Her keynote will close the event showing different cases studies using the anthropology as main tool for business.


Delvin Fletcher The Digitial Product Owner – Key To Better Business Outcomes

Delvin Fletcher joined IIBA® as its 4th President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in January 2020. Delvin will deliver a spotlight session right after the keynote and the break, looking forward to this!

We are in a transformational decade that has already brought changing forces and pressures to business. Some of this is direct and indirect impacts from the global pandemic, from shifts in business strategy, from demographics, and from refocusing of corporate purpose. Inside all of these forces is the intersection of three important imperatives – digital transformation is still critical, product

ownership is still growing and business analysis is still essential to integrate the two effectively. Join Delvin as he shares some of IIBA’s global research and learning and some thoughts on how the digital product owner will evolve in the years ahead.



Track Themes 2021:

Track (1) Digital Portfolio Imperative
Nowadays, every company needs a digital strategy for its portfolio, be it digital products, services or customer loyalty instruments. This imperative forces companies to look at appropriate portfolio management techniques. Decisions are increasingly influenced by new factors; markets, trends and expectations of digital customers shape modern and agile management approaches.
Track (2) Driver Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the main drivers for the Digital Transformation. More and more customer processes are being equipped with “thinking machines” to improve the overall customer experience. AI projects in particular require a carefully calculated cost-benefit ratio, since investments in cutting-edge technology must also pay off.
Track (3) Communication and Cultures
Communication is the fuel for the development of companies, different cultures are the most important challenges for required changes. This applies to different ethnic and geographical cultures, but also and above all to different cultures within companies. Close communication gaps between the different parties makes projects more successful.  

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